Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where to begin...

Life has been crazy here.  We got back from vacation and leapt back into daily life.  December had deaths in the extended family, the holidays and my mama having a stroke.  She seems to be doing better though.

We have pretty much mastered gluten free cooking now and I've been able to learn to bake gluten free breads.  I am using the bread machine more often than not for ease, but with us eating less bread a loaf lasts long enough I usually end up curbing or crumbling the ends and freezing them.  Restocking the pantry with gluten free flours, grains, etc was expensive, but I was able to give the other supplies away so all wasn't lost.

I've done a little reading, a little knitting, and general day to day stuff.

I've bee thrifty in some areas ..

 Because of weightless I had to have a whole new winter wardrobe.  I've used thrift stores whenever possible.  

We've done this weird mix of frugal and not so frugal on hubby's gluten free diet.....frugal as in we rarely eat out because it is difficult, but the less frugal side the cost of gluten free products is higher.  However, I consider it an investment in his health and he is doing soooo much better!

It's kind of odd to be able to sum up a month of posts that


  1. I'm sorry about your Mama having a stroke and the deaths in your family, Shara. Hope you are taking good care of yourself.

  2. I'm glad that your mother is doing better and life at home is settling in. Glad to have you back.

  3. Happy New year Shara. Iv'e missed you!
    I hope that 2014 is a more comfortable one for you and yours. I suppose that you follow "Frugal Queen" blog. (if not you can find her on my side bar) She is putting up some pretty good Gluten-free recipes nowadays

  4. Gosh you have had an hectic time. Sorry your Mam has had a stroke, but I am pleased to hear she is recovering. I did not realise your husband was unwell - it must be tricky being on a gluten free diet as gluten is 'hidden' in some surpising places!! It seems to me that once we go looking at ingredients we find some in the oddest of places. I once looked at some fruit yoghurts and they were thickened with flour - yuk!
    Happy New Year and I hope the next few months are easier for you all. Lily. xxx

  5. Hi Shara,
    I am so sorry to hear about your Mama's stroke. But I very glad to hear that she's improving. You've had quite a month!
    Take care of yourself, through all this.
    (Big "woo-hoo" for needing a whole new wardrobe due to weightloss!!!)